Tramore Town Council Ban Socks With Sandals At Children’s Playground


LARGE NOTICES have been put up on the outer railings of the towns only children’s playground saying: ‘Socks must not be worn with sandals at this playground. Especially white ones. Its very creepy and wrong.’

Local town councillor Maxine Keoghan said Tramore does not have a strict dress code but it did not want creepy old men with comb overs loitering the playground and handing out sweets to children they didn’t know.

Report say that a growing number of middle aged men have no fear of braving the elements in light coloured socks and sandals.

Yesterday the town council has indicated that it’s had enough of this ‘trend’ and will stop at nothing to enforce the law.

“Its just wrong! We’ve got hundreds of complaints from worried mums and dads over the past several months relating to middle aged men hanging around the play area. Most of whom blatantly wearing white socks and brown leather sandals.” Ms Keoghan said in a brief interview with WWN.

In the past some local schools have appealed to older parents not to wear socks and sandals when dropping their children off.

Tramore CBS principle Mr. Gearoid M. O’Brien said: “To avoid causing embarrassment to others we ask that all parents, especially the older balding ones, to dress appropriately when dropping their kids to school. Older men seen wearing socks and sandals will be branded paedophiles and banned permanently from school grounds.”

Tramore town councillors told the press today they put up the signs in response to the on-going complaints they have received on a daily basis.

“We do not want to stereotype people but in this instance we need to do something. Socks and sandal wearers are known to have creepy tendancies. Everyone knows this. We either hit it on the head now or we leave are vulnerable children there to be fantasised about.”

While the majority of the people agree with this new rule, there are some who oppose the councils decision.

“It is ridiculous and stupid,” said 58-year-old sandal wearing bachelor Peter Foyle, who was asked to leave the playground by a parent earlier today.

“I like the way the wind breezes through the cotton socks. Its not too cold or to warm. Just right. Its like a cute little kitten licking his grainy tongue between your toes.

“The playground is the only place that I can sit down and relax. The sounds of children playing makes the hair on my back stand up. I feel young again and free cause of the sandals and socks.

“Branding me a paedophile because of my footwear is wrong. I wouldn’t harm any child. I love them too much.”

More than 16 people have joined a Facebook group called “STOP CREEPY OLD PEOPLE WEARING SOCKS AND SANDALS AT OUR PLAYGROUND”.