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Local Youths Suspiciously Compliant With Face Mask Rules

“WE’VE all got parents, we’ve all got grandparents. We’re just doing what we can to protect them,” explained one Waterford youth we interviewed today, in our study of teenagers who wear face-coverings at all times of the day. Although many groups have doubted the effectiveness of face masks in battling Covid-19 and many more are… Read more »

All Your Face Mask Questions Answered By Bane

WITH governments all around the world struggling to present a cohesive manifesto on the wearing of face masks as a preventative measure in the fight against Covid-19, WWN turned to avid mask wearer and lethal mercenary Bane for answers. Here’s what Gotham’s reckoning had to say to the most common mask-myths out there: “Wearing a… Read more »