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How Exclusion Zones Around Hospitals Would Work

WITH PERSISTENT talk of proposed exclusion zones being implemented in an effort to reduce the abuse endured by women attending hospitals that provide abortion services, WWN looks at how such zones would work. While there are a number of proposals being considered, the department of health has whittled down the number of options available to… Read more »

‘Irish Coke Is Shite And Full Of Novocaine’, Claims Waterford Lad

IN an exclusive tell all interview with WWN, Waterford lad Jamie Lonergan has shaken up the Irish criminal underworld with astonishing new claims. Speaking outside the Solas training centre in the Industrial estate this afternoon, Lonergan slammed local and national produce, claiming the majority of Irish cocaine is in fact Novocaine, a local anaesthetic drug of the… Read more »

Waterford Lad To Pursue A Career In Hip Hop

IN what family and friends are calling a ‘new leaf’, Waterford lad Jamie Lonergan has vowed to take up a new career ‘in the hip hop’, after years of uncertainty about his future. Previously making the news for all the wrong reasons, a now “reformed” Mr. Lonergan promised this reporter that his old ways were finally… Read more »

Waterford Lad Contests Being Caught With Enough Hashish For 1,354 Hand-Rolled Cigarettes

“Me fuckin’ bollox there is!” Waterford man Jamie Lonergan told a sitting of Waterford District court yesterday morning after evidence given by the DPP claimed he was caught with enough cannabis resin for 1,354 hand-rolled cigarettes. “It was a ten spot at best!” he added. Lonergan (24), who was stopped and searched on Thomas street by members… Read more »