“Me No Like Different” Man Who Objected To Pride Disco Speaks Out


A Newtownmountkennedy native who objected to a disco in Wicklow for young LGBT+ people has spoken out today defending the repeated harassment faced by its members in recent weeks.

“Me no like different,” Mr. Ugg Boo told WWN today in an exclusive interview from his cave on the outskirts of the town which has made the news on numerous occasions lately, “Man willy, wo-man hole, bang bang,” Ugg insisted, making a circle with his index finger before inserting his other index finger through it in a back-and-forth manner.

In one incident, a group committee member of the Wicklow Pride found a note in their letterbox with the words ‘paedophile and groomer’ all over it, in what is believed to be the latest communication attempt made by protestors like UGG.

“Ugg here all life. Ugg no like change coz Ugg scared,” Ugg defended the intimidation campaign while grimacing and then reaching around to his own anus and pooping into his hand before displaying the large lump of steaming faeces to this reporter, “bum for poopie not for pee pee”.

Mr. Boo and his family were also instrumental in recent anti-refugee protests despite his entire Celtic ancestry descending from Turkish farmers several thousand years ago.

“Skin white, skin better now,” Ugg finished.