“We Want To Give Them A Realistic Taste Of Ireland” Government Defends Plan To Make Refugees Homeless


A CABINET discussion on proposals to limit the offer of state-provided accommodation for Ukrainian refugees to 90 days before turfing them out onto the streets to fend for themselves was labelled ‘a little bit Irish’ today, WWN has learned.

A row over the proposals broke out among the cabinet after Minister for Equality Roderic O’Gorman suggested the changes, pointing out as equality minister he has to treat the refugees like we would treat our own people.

“We want to give them a realistic taste of Ireland,” O’Gorman stated, “and that means just that; leaving the most vulnerable people out to rot in the elements for charities to take care of, allowing this government to continue failing in more important areas like health, housing and national policing”.

Raising concerns of an extra workload on his department, Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien said he was already ‘fucking up as much as he possibly could for the moment’, and that passing the buck and making housing Ukrainians his problem wasn’t a fair ask on a housing department.

“We’re already two decades behind on housing and now you want me to house even more people?” challenged O’Brien, “I’m housed out. Christ, when’s the next reshuffle? I actually hope Sinn Féin get into power so we can just watch them implode”.

With 800 new refugee arriving each week, one renegade back bencher offered a wild suggestion.

“Maybe we should just hire more special advisers to slyly imply to the public Ireland is ‘full’ despite the HSE alone having 400 unused vacant sites,” shared one TD.