Haaland Criticised For Filming Herbal Essences Advert In Middle Of Arsenal Game


CONSIDERED a highly disrespectful move by football watchers everywhere, Erling Braut Haaland has received criticism for his decision to film a glitzy advert as part of a lucrative new endorsement deal with Herbal Essences during his team’s game against Arsenal.

“Erling is a busy man so when he can multi-task he will,” explained the player’s representative, justifying Haaland letting loose his majestic locks while his team were 3-0 up against title rivals Arsenal.

“When the production crew wheeled a set out onto the pitch featuring a tropic waterfall and pumped in sounds of orgasmic hair-washing, I don’t think people could say Erling was not giving it is his all on the pitch. This was the exact moment he scored a goal,” added the rep.

Dancing on the wind majestically like a million golden strands spun by the legs of pirouetting ballerinas, Haaland’s mane proved a distraction for the entire stadium even leaving one man, Rob Holding, completely hypnotised for 90 minutes.

“We’re happy with the partnership,” offered a Herbal Essences spokesperson, who confirmed Google saw a 10,000% increase in the ‘why has Erling Haaland letting his hair down awoken something in me?’ search term.

Elsewhere, the senior engraver at the Premier League has been told to get a head start on etching Man City’s name on the trophy for the next decade.

Meanwhile, asked by awestruck BT Sport pundits how he has his Man City playing at such a high level Pep Guardiola responded ‘the club breaking financial fair play rules around 100 times over a nine-year period probably has something to do with it’.