Man Tears Up After Spotting His Old Car


A LOCAL Waterford man was overcome with emotion after spotting his old car in traffic some several years ago after selling it with the memories of the times they spent together coming flooding back in an emotional tsunami, prompting his face to become slick with tears.

Initially waving at the car, Noel Keane then offered a tender and loving beep in the direction of the 2014 Peugeot 206 whizzing around the Tramore roundabout before a misty eyed Keane began several reckless overtaking manoeuvres just so he could watch his old car from close distance.

“I wonder does she still think about me,” Keane found himself saying out loud, of the car he sold to a lad he reckoned was called Dave.

Still haunted by the memories of seeing her driven off from the car park of an empty industrial estate post cash-in-hand sale, Keane felt guilt-ridden and sick with betrayal holding the steering wheel of the non-shit heap car he replaced his old car with.

Now tracking the car down to an on-street parking space in the town, Keane parked his much newer and efficient car nearby before walking over to ‘Grainne’, the name he had given the car when he first purchased it.

Tracing fingers full of longing along the body of the car, Keane crouched down onto his knees and hugged the the bonnet but not before checking there were no witnesses to this rare moment of emotion from the emotionally stunted 41-year-old.

Noticing the dent on the passenger side door had been fixed Keane realised Grainne was being treated far better than he had ever treated her and in a moment of clarity realised Grainne was the one who truly upgraded.