Children Of Developer Just Lie & Say Father Is Kinahan Hitman


“THE STIGMA is horrendous, you’re just never judged on your own merits as an individual. What our dad does for a living follows us around like a bad smell”.

Alannah and Henry Corley usually don’t admit this to people, but they carry a shameful secret – their dad isn’t a hitman for the Kinahans, as they have boasted, he is a developer specialising in co-living, hotels and office spaces.

“It’s like, I’d rather say my Balenciaga fit and my Louis Vitton bag was paid for with the blood of an innocent person caught up in gangland gunfire than say it was paid for by selling a co-living build to a Canadian investment fund,” sobs a shame-ridden Alannah.

“When I tell the guys my dad is a murderer, they still see me for me – the real Henry but if I told them my dad sells houses to Dublin City Council for €100k over their market value, well, they’d call me a scumbag and kick my head in,” agrees Henry, as he comforted his sister.

Joining the family business is inevitable the siblings say but they fear the psychological toll living a double life will have on them.

“My girlfriend has no clue, she thinks I get our coke from ‘the warehouse’ but really I’m just buying it from a dealer like the son of any other well off upper middle class parents,” Henry explains.

“My conscience can take trafficking in people to work in a drugs processing plant for slave wages, but splitting a Georgian 3-bed into 5 cramped luxury bedsits going for €1600 a month rent, that’s the shit that haunts you,” says Alannah, who admits she’s stopped talking to her father.

While blood is thicker than water, Alannah and Henry can’t bring themselves to endorse any aspect of what their father does even if it is the family business.

“I’m a mess inside, I know where the money comes from. This is it, this is my life. I can’t escape it but when I say ‘my dad is in Dubai on business’ for a second I feel free knowing my friends think dad’s in Dubai ripping the finger nails for some rat’s hands with a pliers rather than securing funding to build some soulless office space down the docks,” concluded Henry.