“I Don’t Have A Bad Thing To Say About Sean Quinn,” States Sean Quinn


FORMER billionaire Sean Quinn has been described as a ‘visionary, a business mastermind, and a damn decent fella’ by former billionaire Sean Quinn in a new three-part documentary airing on RTÉ.

‘Quinn Country’ chronicles the rise and downfall of Quinn, who fell from his lofty status as Ireland’s richest man after the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank, something described in the documentary as ‘the big city boyos trying to blame everything on the small country businessman as usual’.

“Here is a man who had it all, and had it all taken away from him through no fault of his own,” claimed an anonymous source close to Mr. Quinn, in a thick Cavan accent that sounded like that of a man aged about 75 or so.

“Ask anyone you meet in Cavan if they have a bad word to say about him, you won’t find a single person who will do so on the record. Even the guards like Sean Quinn, that’s why they call up to the house every now and then. It’s not anything to do with an ongoing criminal investigations, it’s just tea and a craic”.

Mr. Quinn made no comment about his former management team who he has publicly accused of ‘stabbing him in the back’, and even less comment about the individuals who kidnapped members of said team and stabbed them in the front.