Intervention Called As New Blonde Look Really Doesn’t Suit Local Woman


LOCAL lifelong brunette Marie Casslin is now being subjected to an intervention by friends after a drastic decision saw her go blonde, something everyone agrees she can’t pull off on account on her pale complexion.

“Was it Madga down the salon? I’d say it was, she’s a divil for leading people astray telling them they can pull this and that look off,” queried Caoimhe, one of Casslin’s closest friends who only wanted the best for her friend.

“Don’t get me wrong you’re definitely giving off this ‘new hairdo, new you’ vibe but honestly if you could see yourself with our eyes you’d be mortified, I can’t in good conscience send you out there in the world thinking it suits you,” added Ronan, renowned for his universal support for all of Casslin’s life choices up until now.

“Remember when I got a bob and you were the only one looking out for me and you told me I looked like Lord Farquaad from Shrek? Well now it’s time to return the favour,” pleaded friend Ciara.

The friends forming a circle around Casslin which seemed to growing smaller by the second then began listing off a number of hair dye brands and shades that they believed could help Casslin ‘admit the truth’ and get her back on the path to brunette.

“This won’t be a case of us gradually adjusting to it after some time, it’s not working. Like your eyebrows just look weird now with the blonde above them. Don’t they Triona, weren’t we saying it to each other, you just look dreadful, wasn’t that what we were saying Triona? That she was trying to hard and it was embarrassing,” added Rebecca, Casslin’s oldest friend.

Casslin, still in denial and drunk of an unearned confidence boost she has gained from the botched blonde look, politely disagreed with her friends prompting a more heavy handed approach from her loved ones.

“You look like Boris Johnson’s long lost sister, and Marie I’m sorry, can we even call it blonde? If anything it’s a cheap brassy looking mess. We’ve the dye ready up in the bathroom and you’re fucking going back to brunette,” Caoimhe said flying off the handle and being forcibly restrained by the group.