Prison Van Rammed Off Road In Monaghan Because Hey, That’s Monaghan For Ya


A RECKLESS jailbreak attempt which saw a prison transport van rammed off the road in Monaghan has been greeted with shock across the nation, except in Monaghan where it was referred to as ‘a slow Wednesday’.

The van had been carrying a prisoner from a court appointment when it was engaged in automotive combat with a car on the N2 somewhere outside Clontibret, causing locals to tut and roll their eyes before carrying on about their day as if nothing happened in a display of pure Monaghanism, as explained by local councillor Vincent McAlleer, Jr.

“This kind of thing probably seems a bit odd to people who haven’t been inhaling diesel fumes and drinking mushroom water their whole lives, but for us it’s just another day,” explained Cllr. McAlleer.

“The border is a strange place, and it makes for strange people. Sure if these lads weren’t ramming police vans off the road, they’d be up to some other divilment. Firing shotguns at cranes or driving JCBs into lakes, building a trebuchet to throw an old washing machine into Cavan, that kind of thing. What can I say, we’re just a passionate shower of mad fuckers up here. Who would you rather us be like? Laois?!”

Anyone with information surrounding the incident has been urged to keep it to themselves, if you know what we mean.