All The Kinahan Tips US Authorities Have Received So Far


THE UNPRECEDENTED development yesterday in the fight against organised crime in Ireland saw US authorities issue a $15 million appeal for information, with $5 million a piece for information regarding Christie Snr, Christie Jnr and Daniel Kinahan.

Garda sources have shared with WWN some of the public’s brave correspondence which has seen them put their own safety at risk by speaking out against one of the biggest drug cartels in the world.

“He’s in bleedin’ Dubai yiz muppets. Now where’s my money?” – 5 million such calls from Irish phone numbers have been placed in the last 24 hours.

“My fight purse is usually double that but at least with this €5mn I don’t have to lose weight” – beginning of tip from individual with the code name ‘Tyson F’.

“It start off too slow, and to be honest it’s a bit boring. I wouldn’t bother but the English lad’s accent is class in fairness” – several people instead provided their own reviews of RTÉ drama ‘Kin’.

“I’ve never heard of him” – dozen of boxing and MMA promoters, seemingly misunderstanding the appeal for information. Several were so keen to give no information they kept ringing and asking if they were trouble now too.

“And he had teeth like big sharp white daggers, and then he was clearly hiding going bald on top, he’s maybe 20 feet tall judging by the way I’ve done it” – one of a dozen faxes sent in with accompanying drawings of Daniel Kinahan, drawings which really should lead to huge questions over the lack of artistic talent in Ireland.

“Have ya a baggy for me and the lads, nothing massive just the normal session. This won’t disrupt anything long term now, supply wise, will it?” – a number of calls were placed by concerned citizens into the illicit sale of cocaine.

“Where was the $5mn appeal for information when my bike was stolen?” – only 32,345 cyclists called in with this tip.