Photos That Will Remind You Of The Fact You Really Hate Feet


YOU NEVER know when you’re going to be taken from your safe and comfortable surrounds and transported to the nightmare realm and served up a visceral, stomach-churning reminder of your deep distaste and disgust for all things feet.

Welcome to hell where you are never more than six feet from feet:

Yup, this is ‘sends shivers down spine’ levels of disgusting. Aw fuck sake, that’s horrible.

Just when I thought I was overdue some dry heaving and throwing up in my own mouth.

What sort of monster designed these freak shows?! And why am I still looking?

These could be Ana de Armas’ feet for all I know, 7 billion people on the planet and not a bearable foot among them

This little piggy makes me want to rip my eyes from their sockets with a rusty spoon. Stubby little abominations.