BREAKING: Lick Arse Still Wearing Mask


A LITTLE goodie-two-shoes lick arse is still persisting with wearing a facemask in the supermarket despite such restrictions been lifted weeks ago, WWN can confirm.

“I’d say she’s a bit of a dose now in fairness,” one shopper commented, now throwing filthy looks at the person in question as she sanitised her hands for the second time walking around the store, “urgh, for God’s sake, does anyone do that anymore? Absolutely mortified for her now”.

Wiping down the shopping cart with wipes, the woman also appeared to be still social distancing and spacing herself two metres from fellow shoppers, like it was March 2020 all over again.

“Some people are just sheep,” said another shopper, “she’ll probably start making baa sounds now in a minute”.

Unaware of the judgements and general distain for her adherence to health and safety, the woman told WWN she just wanted to keep her family safe as Covid ‘hasn’t gone away’.

“I care for my mother with COPD and my daughter has problems with her immune system so I guess limiting their chances of getting the virus makes me do it,” the lick arse explained, who probably regularly washes her hands like a lunatic too, come to think of it, “ah, yeah, of course I wash my hands after leaving here, my family are at still at risk, but yeah, you just laugh at me for protecting them,” she added, finally realising how ridiculous she looks.