E.coli: The Adorable Little Pet That Comes Free With Your Water Supply


HAVE your children been plaguing you to get them a pet for ages, or does your landlord operate a strict no cats or dogs policy? Well then, WWN has the perfect hassle free work around that will make your day.

All you’ll need is access to Irish tap water, a glass and a decent microscope.

Why take on the stress of a designer puppy with a machine gun arsehole that can paint the carpet brown when E.coli is the free pet that comes with your water. If you live in any of the rural areas where water supplies were found to contain traces of beautiful bacteria that is present in water sources contaminated with livestock faeces then your water could be a pet goldmine.

Hours of entertainment for your children as they get to name their pets, and no fighting over them either as there’s millions of them flowing from your taps to go around. Or perhaps just a loyal companion for yourself.

Just look at the little guys. What you name them is totally up to you but that guy on the left definitely looks like a Rupert.

Not a pet person? We get it, not everyone is an E.coli fan but be thankful you’re not part of other water group schemes which were found to have excessive THM chemical levels which can be cancer-causing.

Get your E.coli quickly though as the Environmental Protection Agency has issued warnings the government will ignore in relation to providing funding and supports for rural water supplies so the problem can be fixed.