“What I Do With My Collection Of Bryan Dobson Sex Dolls Is My Own Business”


IN THE LATEST instalment of WWN’s Voices series, we give a platform to someone we really shouldn’t. Today is the turn of local man and Bryan Dobson sex doll enthusiast, Geoff Clackin, who like an end to the intrusive questions.

“People’s private lives are their own business. To be honest it’s plain nosiness and you’re being intrusive. Yeah, okay, I have 13 Bryan Dobson sex dolls. You’ve done your little journalistic duty, bravo, but I’m under no obligation to reveal what I do with them.

Maybe I place them around the house to mimic my dream dinner party where you walk from room to room and there’s Bryan ready and waiting to have a chat or quiz me in an authoritative manner.

I see you’re trying to act like this isn’t everyone’s dream come true, like it’s not the equivalent to a thousand Christmas connected to a battery pack powered by MDMA and orgasms, but nobody can deny Bryan’s presence, in blow up doll form or otherwise.

Sometimes I wake up and say ‘Morning Bryan’ and Bryan says ‘Morning Ireland’, he’s full of banter like that.

And yeah sure you could look at a Dob-doll, as I like to call them, that I have there in the bedroom and remark on the fact that I’ve just been screaming ‘give me your full 6.1 news Bryan’ and think that that’s somehow sexual, but I just use the dolls for company honestly.

But I think the real question you need to be asking is if Bryan Dobson didn’t want me using these Bryan Dobson copyrighted sex dolls in all manner of depraved ways then maybe he should stop selling them through is official DobboMerch.com website.