Media Suddenly Really Invested In Female Weightlifting


NEWS agencies around the world have defended their decision to spotlight the upcoming women’s weightlifting event at the Tokyo Olympics, stating that they believe it’s time for the sport to get its ‘moment in the sun’ after being ignored for way too long.

“It has nothing to do with the announcement that this event will feature the first transgender athlete in Olympic history, we just think it’s time we gave some column inches to the sport” explained one editor we spoke to, as they prepared to their fifth article today on Laurel Hubbard, the new Zealand athlete at the centre of the media’s new favourite subject.

Despite the media’s newfound love of female weight-lifting, there are currently no plans to give coverage to any of the brackets outside the +87kg category, as ‘that seems to be where the action is’.

“Again, it’s just pure coincidence that it happens to be the category Laurel competes at” claimed our editor friend, instructing a team of journalists to ‘get their asses to Tokyo’ and a team of photographers to find Hubbard’s house and camp outside it for the next month.

“It’s not just because we know that we’re going to feast on a banquet of rage-clicks for the duration of the Olympics. We’re here to follow Laurel, and all the other athletes she’s competing against. Such as… ehm, well, don’t worry, we’ll learn their names soon”.

Meanwhile thousands of online commentators have also suddenly developed an intense interest in this one particular sport, and are limbering up for a month of sharing their opinion on the subject, happy that they have all they need to provide a balanced and fair commentary.