Local Man Diagnosed With Auld One Syndrome


FRIENDS and family members belonging to county Waterford man Daniel Hughes have hailed a groundbreaking new psychological assessment proving once and for all that the 37-year-old is a bit of an auld one, WWN can confirm.

Auld One Syndrome, a condition were seemingly unaware heterosexual males lapse into an elderly woman’s mindset, was first coined by scientists in Trinity College Dublin in 2018 and has since diagnosed over 300 cases.

“It explains a hell of a lot,” insisted a longtime friend of Mr. Hughes, who is the first Waterford man to be diagnosed with the condition, but definitely not the last, “Daniel was always very begrudging and would bitch and moan a lot about people and things in general – a proper dose”.

Showing telltale symptoms such as being two-faced to people he knows, giving out about any little change in his life and just generally being a moany bollocks, exhausted family members suggested that he should go for tests to see if he was indeed a bit of an auld one.

“There’s proposals for a huge new development in Waterford on the North Quays and Daniel was the first one to shit all over it online with his negative comments,” Martin Hughes recalls the first time he realised his brother was a bit of an auld one, “at first we put it down to just being from Waterford, but then he started moaning about everything; the new Twitter layout, queues in shops, the weather, basically anything he could think of at the time of moaning. He’s absolutely painful at times”.

The test, which involves a series of diagnostic questions, found Mr. Hughes to be an 85-year-old Waterford woman named Doris Tobin suffering from chronic piles. Mr. Hughes was unavailable for comment but has since posted a lengthy rant about his results on Facebook, before taking it down again.