News Of Child Labour Use At Coffee Farms Almost Put Woman Off Her Skinny Latte


SO SHOCKED was one local coffee consumer at the news that coffee farms used by Nespresso were found to be using child labour, it completely interrupted her morning skinny latte purchase for a brief, barely perceptible moment.

Left to contemplate how rampant the practice of putting children to work in the intensive coffee farming industry could potential be, Leanne Colgan (27) was wracked with momentary guilt.

“God that’s awful,” Colgan said in between sips of the first of four daily coffees, as she thought about the fact Nespresso, like other leading coffee brands, uses the ‘Fairtrade’ label on its products.

“Fuck me,” a floored Colgan added as the full weight of young children being worked to the bone hit her like a tonne of bricks, all so those more fortunate could have an overpriced coffee in a hipster cafe with a terrible pun-based name.

“This changes everything,” Colgan’s train of thought continued.

“Principled consumers around the world will take a stand against Nespresso and their reputation will endure irreparable damage, which means shops might have to cut the prices on those machines and capsules – I could potentially get them on the cheap,” concluded Colgan already Googling ‘Nespresso machine discount sale’.

However, Colgan’s concerns weren’t echoed by vocal consumer supporter groups such as the Association of What D’Ya Expect Me To Do About It and the But I Like My Goods Cheap Awareness Group.