Tragedy Exploited By Heartless Bastards In Record Time


THE TRAGIC death of 39 people found in the back of a lorry in Purfleet, England, which has resulted in one Northern Irish man being questioned by police has seen heartless bastards exploit the tragedy in record time.

Point scoring politicians with no moral compass, unscrupulous ‘journalists’ pushing divisive arguments masquerading as ‘debates’ and truly heinous people in the comment sections of the internet have all showcased how your opinion on how heartless the human race can be at times can never be too low.

“With every new bit of information that comes to light about the death of 39 human beings, we’ve found there’s no limit to how empty and horrible people can be about such things,” explained a researcher at the Institute Of Blasting Through The Bottom Of The Barrel.

In yet further evidence that the ignorance, hate and heartlessness of some people will never cease to amaze, it took just .03 of second after the news initially broke for people to just spout off specious and hateful bile that resides in the space where a brain is usually found.

“If you hear 39 people have died in these circumstances and your first feeling isn’t incandescent rage and a burning desire to see the institutions responsible for such a tragedy brought to justice, then maybe its time to rescind your membership to the human race,” added the researcher who quit seconds after finishing their sentence.