We Check Back With All The People Who Said They’d Stop Using Palm Oil Products


THE MOMENTARILY ICONIC advert by British supermarket chain Iceland featuring a young animated orangutan made its mark late last year and sparked the media into action, feeding the public’s desire for a high volume of articles on the issue of palm oil products for a week or two.

Many members of the public were shocked by the damage wrought by the production of palm oil products on orangutans habitats and vowed never to purchase palm oil products again, vocalising their intent to pressure manufacturers and supermarkets to bring an end to palm oil products.

WWN decided to follow up on the palm oil product industry and those who were incensed by the treatment of orangutans.

“Oh, yay, fuck. D’ya remember that? That was horrible stuff,” Dave, a 28-year-old PHD student shared with WWN as he shifted nervously in his seat.

“Yeah, God, haven’t used them in ages. I think. I’d reckon, like, it’s quite possible I might have bought, yeah no, absolutely not. C’mon, don’t be silly. When I’m passionate about something, I’m in it for the long haul, not just until I’m distracted by the next thing that comes along,” Dave added, before leaving to send a tweet about the Greyhound racing industry in Ireland.

“Palm oil? No sorry doesn’t ring a bell,” offered Silé, admin of a now dormant ‘I’m going to chain myself to my local Tescos until they stop selling palm oil products. Who’s with me?’ Facebook group which was a hive of activity for 16 hours in early December of last year.

“I cut it out completely. I continue to send letters to my local politicians and businesses, letting them know there’s no room for damaging products in the world,” confirmed Caroline, who just mixes all empty plastic in with the rest of her rubbish in the one bin.

Those fearing for the habitat of wealthy palm oil product manufacturers have been told to rest easy by the industry.

“Oh don’t worry, we have all kind of creative and sly ways of hiding the fact there’s palm oil in your product. For just one example we sometimes call it vegetable oil. We’ll be fine – trust us,” concluded one industry leader.