Irish Army Deployed To Narnia


MEMBERS of the Irish Army Rangers have been deployed on a peacekeeping mission to the war-torn land of Narnia, on a tour that is expected to finish up in time for some heartwarming reunion footage at Christmas, WWN can reveal.

A wing of the elite fighting unit received Dáil approval to join a UN Force aimed at combating an uprising in the troubled province, and immediately left Ireland via a magical portal which appeared in the back of a wardrobe in the Curragh.

A spokesperson for the Defence Forces would give no information on the exact conflict zone that the Rangers would be based in, but gave assurances to the families of those deployed that the soldiers would face only minimal action against an untrained and disorganised rabble of fauns and children.

“They’ll miss the lion’s share of the real fighting” stated Major Connor Arsaigh, speaking exclusively to WWN, noting no matter the bravery displayed or adversary face, they still aren’t getting a pay rise of any sort from the government.

“The people of Narnia are tired of war, and open to the idea of peace. We’ve got a job to do in terms of winning over the hearts and minds of the local goblins or whatever the fuck they are, but once we get them on track we’ll be able to pull our lads out and send them on their next tour to Mordor or wherever”.

WWN wish the brave men and women of the Irish Army the best of luck in Narnia, and pray that the nation’s Securicor vans will be safe in their absence.