George Soros Invented HPV Vaccines Using Chemtrails


THE LATEST news reports coming into WWN via our sister site Everything Is An Inside Job News (EIAIJN) has confirmed that George Soros single-handedly devised all modern vaccine programmes used across the world, and in the most heinous example of his villainous ways, used chemtrails to invent the HPV vaccine.

The HPV vaccine, known as a preventative measure against a number of cancers, but more famously known as a causer of austism and a mind control device came into being thanks to billionaire Soros, according to documents seen by EIAIJN.

It is believed Soros began flying his own plane stocked up with chemtrails in the 1980s and had the chemicals float down to a top secret lab into open test tubes where they were left to ferment. The longer they were left in the test tubes the more powerful the mind controlling autism and left-leaning political opinions became.

The factual reports, hand written on a bar mat found on the floor of an unnamed pub confirm what many people have long suspected. The news will come of great relief to concerned parents who do their own research as they now have conclusive irrefutable proof that they were always right.

In a classic move by the Hungarian billionaire, Soros spread the rumour he invented the HPV vaccine using chemtrails as a false flag himself and then paid protesters to protest against him to make the sinister vaccine programme look like it was just a ‘conspiracy theory’. However it is now clear the chemtrail fueled HPV vaccine is a factual theory.