Local Man Calling For A United Ireland Never Been North Of Mullingar


STAUNCH Nationalist Cian Farrington has vowed to continue making endless social media postings about the reunification of the island of Ireland despite never having been north of Mullingar in his 28 years on this Earth, WWN can exclusively reveal.

“I have the Bogside in my blood, we will not be silenced” confirmed Farrington in one of several posts yesterday evening, which included several memes about life in Northern Ireland.

The student remains one of the leading proponents of a United Ireland and often speaks movingly in an expletive laden essays in comments below YouTube videos in which he seeks to educate people on the history of Ireland’s struggles.

“The oppressive British regime will come to an end, even if I know first hand how they’ll fight us tooth and nail,” confirmed Farrington, speaking of his time interacting with several English people on the issue of Irish independence when he was in Ibiza last summer on the piss.

While there is an ever growing swell of support behind a United Ireland in Northern Ireland and the border counties amongst Republicans, Farrington is not part of this group, seeing as the furthest north he has ever been is Mullingar.

“And don’t think I couldn’t feel the palpable psycholigical scars the Brits left on everyone in Mullingar, it was an education, that visit, let me tell you,” a visibly moved Farrington recalled.