WWN Catches Up With The No Side


THE TIME since the May 2018 referendum on the Repeal of the 8th Amendment took place has flown by for many Yes voters, who have happily accepted that life for women is now but a walk in the park.

However, in the immediate aftermath of the vote the No side declared that they would not rest until vulnerable children everywhere in Ireland today were properly cared for and given every chance in life to be happy and succeed.

We tracked down these people and caught up with the No Side to see how their tireless campaign fought in the name of Irish children was getting on:

“Ah now, I don’t recall any of us saying that at the time. That’s made up nonsense,” confirmed Eithne, one No Side campaigner, as she finished writing a letter to her local TD that questioned if the 3,500 children who were homeless weren’t just leeches expecting something for nothing while also telling her TD she demanded no social housing be built next to her housing estate.

“Oh right, Jesus! Sorry, excuse my blaspheming. Apologies, may God forgive me. I have to admit now, I sort of forgot about all that,” one fervent No campaigner Terrence, told us, as he stood outside a hospital that carries out abortions holding a ‘you vicious murdering cunts’ sign aloft.

“I don’t see the Yes side out helping vulnerable children so don’t come to me all high and mighty asking what I’m doing,” shared No campaigner Jenny, who had to cut her interview short in order to head into court and be a character witness for a friend who was caught in possession of some indecent images of children.

“I have absolutely nothing to say about that, let bygones be bygones I say,” another No campaigner Gary, added, this time talking about the Government’s decision to exhume the bodies of children buried in a mass grave in Tuam.

“I’ve been very busy with a thousand other things, stop trying to make me out to be some massive hypocrite. Time just got away from me,” another No campaigner said, fresh from stealing the personal information of women who have availed of abortions so he can intimidate and harass them.