The Complete List Of Cheeses Which Are Better Than Having A Boyfriend


WHETHER you are currently single, dating or in a long term relationship, time and time again the question that gnaws at people is ‘but would I just be happier if I started seeing cheese romantically and consuming it full time?’

Gash, Ireland’s leading website aimed at women and womanly women stuff, has picked the brains of the country’s leading cheesemongers who have recommended a number of cheeses that provide more joy, support, positive reinforcement and general benefits than a boyfriend.


Won’t go on a rant about football any time soon. Delicious.


Thus far Feta has never cheated on you, and is infinitely better than having an argument with your boyfriend in an underground car park when he says ‘I can’t remember where I parked the car’.


Better than sex. A simple fact backed up by science.

Every other cheese

Nervous men reading this information will obviously be a little devastated but honestly, some of these cheeses don’t smell as bad as you and certainly last longer.