Stan Lee Underwhelmed By God’s ‘Superpowers’


AS COMIC BOOK and movie fans around the world mourn, honour and celebrate the life of Stan Lee, who has passed away at the age of 95, God was said to be visibly nervous at the thought of trying to impress the creative mind behind a near endless cavalcade of superhero and villains.

“God’s been going back and forth with the water and wine routine,” reported staff rostered at the entrance to the afterlife.

“God’s talked about flooding Earth to show off, but Stan’s probably seen it all and then some, God’s a bit worried he hasn’t quite the with great power comes great responsibility thing nailed down either”.

Pacing around frantically, God was at a loss as to how to impress someone who has used his mind to conjure up every imaginable superpower utilised by an impressive array of unique and memorable super beings.

“Oh boy, you think that’s something,” Lee responded as God talked about the time Earth was flooded on a whim, “I know a guy who snapped his fingers once and halved the universe. There’s a guy who can stretch his limbs too, and then there’s a fella who sets himself on fire when it suits him”.

“You know I reckon in some parallel universe, you’re probably a talking frog or racoon, a really cool magician or a woman, don’t sweat it buddy,” Lee told God, who had been practicing smiting people all day in the hopes of really making a lasting impact on someone who made a lasting impact.