Exclusive First Look At Monopoly’s Dublin Edition!


THE popular board game has released a new Dublin edition and WWN has first dibs on trying it out with an exclusive first look!

The game brings the same joys, frustrations, guile and strategy as before but there is no doubt this is a uniquely Irish edition and the attention to detail really is something else.

The new Dublin Monopoly game will feature a lot less social housing than counterpart editions and players will be allowed act as international vulture funds for the first time ever in the Dublin edition thus avoiding tax.

In a slight change to game play the main goal is to force lower income earners out of the city while erectly many poorly built schools and hospitals as possible before the next election rolls around.

Many streets and houses have been replaced by large new office builds, and the cheapest street now simply marked with a fixed price of ‘In Your Dreams, Pal’ with the rent payment similarly priced.

In a departure from reality players are free to build hotels on their streets but cannot kick homeless people out of them during the day less than be seen by lovely tourists from America.

While players can also go bankrupt for bad purchased in the game, like Priory Hall and other such developments. And players, who are close to winning Monopoly can have their fortunes dashed when pulling the ‘pyrite’, ‘mika’ or ‘structural fault from Celtic Tiger era’ cards.

A really cool feature is the Go To Jail card which thanks to new technology is responsive to touch so if players are bankers or crooked developers in real life the card just disintegrates and turns to dust in their hand immediately.

Can’t wait to play this with the family at Christmas for five minutes before a massive row breaks out.