EPIC Tweet DESTROYS Trump, New President To Be Elected Tomorrow


CROWDS have gathered in celebration all across America as one EPIC tweet totally OWNED now former US President Donald Trump, paving the way for an immediate election tomorrow which will see a vote carried out to find his successor.

“Why didn’t we think of this before?” queried one irate American citizen who had been slowly building support for Democrat candidates in the upcoming midterms via a grass roots movement involving town hall meetings, community outreach and door to door campaigning.

It is believed a growing number of people had been carrying out similar actions, completely wasting their own time in a bid to help overturn the Republican majority in the Senate and House of Representatives when today’s tweet proved none of that effort was required.

Trump, the divisive and much maligned former president has been completely eviscerated and destroyed by a searing white light after one tweet triumphed over the presidency with experts calling all similar tweets necessary, essential and not a waste of time at all.

“We did it, we did it, we did it,” exclaimed @hunklefunkle46, the Twitter account of the person responsible for the epic tweet which stated emphatically “Trump is a racist idiot and spews nothing but lies. He’s a big poopy pants and his sons look funky, not in a good way”.

The election to choose the next president has been called on short notice and may not produce a result to everyone’s liking however, the tweet which brought this all about is already on display in the Louvre and is favourite to win the Nobel Peace Prize.