Holidaying Culchie Forgets To Pay ‘Sneaky Bastard Toll’ From Airport Again


A COUNTY Tipperary culchie who doesn’t live in Dublin at’all at’all has forgotten to pay his eFlow M50 toll after returning home from holidays, again, WWN can reveal.

Despite forgetting dozens of times in the past and gaining substantial penalties for failing to pay within the tight time frame, Tommy Rotchford reluctantly paid the now 12 euro charge for “the sneaky bastard toll”.

“Fucking cunt of a yoke,” Rotchford eloquently explained, now fiddling for his bank card details to enter into the eFlow website’s very busy payment system, which was lagging due to the sheer number of fools paying penalties, “this is nothing short of those phone scams where they ring you and you answer and then then take all your money –  a fucking shower of fucking bastards is all they are,” adding “fucking hungry pricks”.

According to figures from the National Road Authority, motorists that use the M50 toll road are forking out over €9 million a year in penalty charges to the contracted French consortium that controls the eFlow company, BetEire Flow, who continue to operate the scam under the guise of the Irish government.

“I suppose we could make it easier for motorists to pay the toll, but where would the fun/money in that be?” said a spokesman for the operator, Pierre Leroux, “we usually catch nine out of ten culchies with the penalties, and if they ever complain we just ask them why they haven’t registered, it’s a win win game really for all of us profiting from it”.

BetEire Flow states that if you don’t pay the €3.10 euro before 8pm the day after – you will be charged another €3. If this new total of €6.10 is not paid within another 14 days – you will be charged another late payment charge of €41.50. Failure to pay the now €47.60 euro due within a further 56 days will result in an additional €103.50 penalty being applied.

“We’re raking it in with you forgetful Irish idiots,” the spokesman added, “C’est la vie”.