Taxi Driver Getting Serious Mileage Out Of His One Good Story


WATERFORD taxi driver Ger Winters has been in the business for nearly thirty years, and in that time he’s had 12 different cars, picked up thousands of fares, travelled approximately half a million miles, and told exactly one and only one story, over and over again.

Winters, 54, has regaled his passengers almost every night for three decades with the tale of how he and his wife spotted who they believed to be Elton John in London while on honeymoon in the mid-eighties, and has developed an uncanny ability to steer any conversation to that exact topic.

Although Winters cannot confirm that it was in fact the Rocket Man singer that he and his new wife spotted walking down a street that he forgets the name of as they enjoyed an open-top bus tour of London, that doesn’t stop the father of three from telling a cracking yarn about the event any time he picks up a fare.

“I’ve even got shorter version of the story, depending on how long I think the fare will last,” beamed Winters, who just started telling us this shit as we sat in gridlocked traffic on the way to a lawsuit.

“So if it’s going to be a quick run, you get the quick version. Me, the missus, possibly Elton John, done. But if it’s a good long run like this one, then sit back, boy do I have a tale of a possible celebrity sighting before you were born for you”.

As he continued the story throughout the journey, it became apparent that Mr. Winters did not remember that he had told us this exact story when we were in his taxi last week.