Weetabix Unveil New Weedabix For Stoners


IN an attempt to corner the market and become the breakfast of choice among stoners, Weetabix is set to begin producing a weed-packed version of its fibre rich wholegrain meal.

While Weetabix Original requires the sort of low-key effort to make that stoners so love, Weedabix is set to make the product even more tantalising an option.

“It’s Weetabix but with a fuck tonne of weed in it, what’s not to like?” queried Weetabix’s head of product development Sarah Aldridge, in an attempt to explain the key selling point of the new product set to hit the shelves in coming weeks.

Each box of Weedabix will come with an optical illusion on the back of its packaging which can keep stoners occupied and entertained for hours.

“Woah,” responded one local stoner, who was doing nothing for changing people’s minds on well-worn stereotypes.

It is too early to tell if other cereals and breakfast focused snacks will follow Weetabix’s lead but with queues already forming outside local supermarkets as stoners await the first shipment, it won’t be long before they consider copying the move with shop owners welcoming the move.

“These lads have been queuing for days, I’d say there’s about 150-200 of them but it’s hard to see through all the smoke they’re generating,” remarked one happy shop owner WWN spoke to.