Waiter Can’t Disguise Fact He Doesn’t Give A Shit


NOT fully sure whether it is the fact he is half hour away from finishing his shift or if it’s because he has an irrational hate for every customers he is serving, Waterford waiter Gavin Prender has found himself unable to disguise how little of a shit he gives right now.

Notions of taking pride in your work, being courteous and polite have long since ceased to matter to Prender (29) as he completes yet another understaffed shift at Sail & Mast Cafe without hiding his contempt behind smiles and niceties.

“The prick basically just threw my plate down on the table without so much as a ‘enjoy your meal’ then he tutted when I asked for a top up on my wine. He’s even scrolling through his phone now over there,” explained one customer, who admitted to being far too intimidated by Prender’s couldn’t-give-a-shit demeanour to complain.

Dividing his time between 6 tables and all out of smoke breaks Prender left customers in no doubt that when he asked ‘did you need anything else?’, ‘how was that for you?’ or ‘anyone for desserts?’ that he had all the enthusiasm of someone sitting in an electric chair before execution.

Asked whether or not such short, rude and at times aggressive behaviour could lead to his sacking, Prender’s boss and owner of the restaurant got straight to the point.

“Are you shitting me? Ever since I hired him, dickhead groups of 10 people don’t dare hog a table while nursing half a glass of water 4 hours after finishing their meal,” Sail & Mast owner Ciaran Scallons told WWN.