Stunning Musical Based On The ‘SpongeBob’ Meme Opens On Broadway


WITH lyrics and music by Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, the ever popular ‘Mocking SpongeBob’ meme and its accompanying musical is a delight and triumph from its opening notes.

The Laura Pels Theatre was packed and purred with anticipation as Miranda brought the meme, used to rebuff stupid opinions by pairing an image of SpongeBob Square Pants imitating a chicken with upper and lower case letters repeating said stupid opinions, to glorious life with relentless song and dance routines performed perfectly by an enthusiastic ensemble.

From the opening strains of soon-to-be hit musical number “MaKeInG a MuSiCaL oUt Of A mEmE iS sTuPiD” Manuel held a very young audience captive and showed the artistic merit in ephemeral internet culture and with early box office predictions projecting the SpongeBob Meme musical will earn $20,000 in weekly ticket sales.

“It WaS aMaZiNg, i LoVe MeMe-BaSeD mUsIcAlS,” one eager ticket holder claimed with the sort of affected voice that lead us to believe we were being mocked for asking the question ‘do you like meme based musicals?’

Not content with stopping at just one meme musical, several Broadway theatre companies are lining up their own meme-sicals for later this year.

‘Oh No Baby, What Is You Doing?’ will tell the story of a meme which can’t believe the actions of a woman who is trying to win her ex back over social media in an increasingly embarrassing and cringy manner, and ‘Cash Me Outside’ which will tell the thrilling tale of a teenager constantly threatening violence on people, but never following through on her threats.

However, there’s no place on Broadway for classic memes such as Nyam Cat, Salt Bae, Socially Awkward Penguin, Fry From Futurama Looking Suspicious/Confused, So You’re Telling and One Does Not Simply after Disney purchased their movie rights for $6 billion earlier this week, with a commitment to forming a Cinematic Meme Universe revolving around 78 films.

Tickets for SpongeBob Meme The Musical start at $129.95 and shows run from Tuesday to Sunday with a matinee on Saturday.