Local Mother Looking Great These Days


ONE LOCAL WATERFORD mother is receiving rave reviews from her children who are insisting she must have done something to her hair because she is looking great these days, WWN can confirm.

Patricia Dreenan, a 59-year-old mother of three, has had praise heaped upon her in both private and public settings by her children who have been taken aback at how marvelous she looks given the horrible effect aging can have on the human face and body.

“Aw Mam, I don’t want you’re doing but keep it up you’re looking great. Isn’t Mam looking great Ciara,” Patricia’s eldest daugther Aine said during a recent quick stop into the family home for a coffee and a chat.

Expressions of praise for Dreenan have also come from extended family members, friends of her children and neighbours, who have been roped into reiterating how great Dreenan looks.

Those using the token throwaway phrase, usually issued by people giving half-arsed compliments in lieu of actual conversations, have found themselves having to confirm ‘no, really, you look great’ to ensure the message gets through to Dreenan.

Dreenan’s children have been at pains to stress the recent upturn in compliments have nothing to do with the fact their father ran off two months ago with some Estonian woman who was 35 at the most.

“Oh I tell ya Patricia, you’d have to beat me off with a stick if I was a single man haha, ya…ya big ride,” confirmed Patricia’s son-in-law, Noel, in one awkward exchange resulting from a conversation in the driveaway with his wife Aine, who demanded he make subtle mention of how great her mother is looking these days.