Newstalk Warn George Hook Not To Boost Ratings With Fresh Controversies


CONTROVERSIAL radio host George Hook has been given specific instructions by his Newstalk bosses to not give his controversial opinion on any controversial subjects while on air with his controversial talk show, WWN can confirm.

Hook ran afoul of thousands of non-Newstalk listeners last year after some ill-thought out remarks about rape victims, resulting in the suspension of his daily show and the genesis of his new weekend show, now with thousands of extra listeners who had never tuned in to him before.

Stating that the ‘regrettable incident’ had resulted in the words ‘George Hook’, ‘Radio show’ and ‘Newstalk’ trending on Irish Twitter for a full month, Newstalk bosses are now hoping to ensure that the veteran man doesn’t accidentally do something that drums up thousands of euro worth of free publicity while speaking his mind freely on air.

“Now George, if you were to do what you did last year and say something controversial about rape victims or abortions or Muslims or any sensitive subject like that, that would be very, very bad for us” said one NT exec in a meeting with Hook, while seemingly trying to blink a dust particle out of one eye.

“We didn’t give you a show just so you could incite huge amounts of backlash with your ‘tell it like it is’ style, resulting in a surge in listenership from both sides of the argument, each waiting with baited breath to see what you’d say next so that they can use it to prop up their own agenda… we just want you to talk about what you know best, if you know what we mean. Right, George? You get what we’re saying here, don’t you?”

Hook will be on-air this Saturday, where his show will revolve around a story he once heard about a gang of Syrian immigrants who are performing back-street abortions for women careless enough to let themselves be raped.