Late Night Program Ruined By Sign Language Guy


AN EPISODE of RTÉ’s Room To Improve is alleged to have been ‘ruined’ by a deaf signer appearing in the corner of the screen and persisting to deliver the programme’s transcript while unsuspecting viewers tuned in, WWN has learned.

Airing at approximately half past 12 on Sunday night, dozens of night owls opted to tune in to the repeat of Dermot Bannon’s flagship home improvement show to be greeted by Dave, fluent in ISL, taking up the majority of the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

“No warning or anything,” one viewer complained, who even put on the kettle for a cup of tea in preparation for the show, “then, just as it started, the fucking screen shrank into itself, and some badly green screened lad appeared making gestures”.

The grave inconvenience was later echoed by another woman, who also thought it was just a rerun of her favourite show.

“It’s like when you watch an English speaking movie that has the English subtitles on: you can’t help but read them, even though you don’t need to,” explained Eileen Holden, who actually went to bed she was that disgusted at RTÉs latest ‘gaffe’, “I spent the first five minutes staring at yer man in the corner, so I found myself actually missing the show itself.

“I can’t believe I have to pay a licence fee for this crap”.

RTÉ has since apologised to viewers, stating it will push back deaf signed programs to an even later time at night, with viewers left to assume deaf people won’t mind as ‘it’s probably always on at normal times anyway’.