‘Mild Concussion’ Set To Be Included In Ireland’s Six Nations Squad


IRELAND rugby coach Joe Schmidt is expected to name the usual familiar faces in his 6 Nations squad, however, rumours of a surprise inclusion could give Ireland the edge in one of rugby’s most beloved tournaments.

WWN Sport can confirm that considerable momentum is building behind ‘mild concussion’ with the easily dismissed knock to the head, set to play a key part in the tournament at some point.

“What’s great about mild concussion is he’s a willing runner, and is willing to run out onto that pitch even if he no longer knows where the pitch is located,” explained passionate rugby expert Brendan Yardley.

While Ireland is expected to rely heavily of its embarrassment of riches in the pack and its world class out half, Yardley has predicted that mild concussion has been a key part of the ever evolving game of rugby.

“Severe concussion just can’t hack the cut and thrust of the game now that it’s so fast, so physical. But, if you look at other teams in the tournament, mild concussion could be the difference,” added Yardley.

Mild concussion’s call up could be the source of controversy as it was revealed yesterday he is eligible to play for every team in the tournament, believed to be a first in 6 Nations history.

Critics of his possible selection have been told by proper rugby men to ‘run it off’.