You’ve Been Vomiting Incorrectly Your Whole Life, Claims Science


CHANCES are you’ve been vomiting the wrong way your whole life, and that mistake is very detrimental to your health, scientists have revealed this week.

How many of you actually think about how you crouch over the toilet bowl when you puke while ill? Turns out, it’s something you should consider.

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have found that the human body is not designed for vomiting in a crouched position, as this restricts the flow of material from the stomach. Instead, vomiters should arrange themselves into a handstand position on the toilet bowl, allowing gravity to do most of the work, thus cutting down on needless cramping and heaving.

Speaking to WWN, lead research scientist Professor Dermot Houlihan explained how posture is very important when regurgitating.

“Crouching while vomiting puts a terrible amount of pressure on the human body, especially the stomach and groin areas,” he said, pointing to the diagram pictured below. “It’s not natural and can also cause blood vessels to burst.”

“By getting into the handstand position, the oesophagus opens up and allows the stomach’s contents to exit naturally and without force, saving the subject from medical issues in later life,” he added. “This ancient method was used by the Celts, but got lost in translation throughout the years.”

It is estimated that 32 million people die every year from vomiting related injuries, which could easily be avoided by performing the handstand technique.