Waterford Secures Excuse For Losing To Cork This Sunday


THERE are mixed feelings among Waterford hurling supporters and players today following news that the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA) upheld Tadhg de Búrca’s suspension after a late night deliberation concluded at 1am this morning.

The Waterford defender will play no part in the All-Ireland senior hurling semi-final, thus securing a solid excuse for losing to Cork on Sunday.

“C’mere boi, if he was allowed play and we lost on the day, it would be a lot worse,” explains local supporter Mossey Roche, “at least now we can go into the Semifinals with our heads held high knowing that no matter if we win lose or draw, we will have a proper excuse to back it up”.

De Búrca, who has no affiliation with female Muslim garments, was sent off against Wexford in the All-Ireland senior hurling quarter-final for deliberately interfering with the helmet of Harry Kehoan, despite all the other crazy shit that regularly happens in a game of hurling.

“He should have just punched him square in the balls or sliced the back of his legs with the hurl,” explained expert in Gaelic games, Daithi Mac Thómhais-Cormaic, “hurling is a very physical game that allows a lot of unnecessary violence, but one thing the GAA doesn’t like is when inanimate objects like shin guards or helmets are abused; that kind of object tampering shit isn’t allowed and Tadhg should have known that”.

Live coverage of Cork v Waterford is on the Sunday Game, RTÉ One from 2.15pm.

WWN wishes the Waterford hurling team all the best. Hon the Deise.