Daniel O’Donnell Officially Hands Over His Testicles To Nathan Carter In Moving Ceremony


THOUSAND’S of country music fans flocked to Dublin Castle today to watch singer Daniel O’Donnell officially hand over his testicles to Nathan Carter in a moving ceremony, WWN can reveal.

Standing in front of a sea of blue-rinsed hair, Mr. O’Donnell was cheered by audience members as he gently passed his successor his genitalia, hinting at the possible the end of his 35-year-long career.

“The passing of the balls ceremony has long been known as an official handover of one’s career,” ceremony curator Gay Byrne told the sobbing crowd, many of whom began wailing at the sight of the specially made box that housed Daniels balls, “I’d like to personally thank Daniel for all his years contributing to the music industry, and I also wish Nathan all the best with his future, and that he uses Daniels testicles to the best of his ability”.

Accepting the sexual reproductive organs, a teary eyed Nathan Carter could barely string a sentence together such was the emotion involved, managing only to promise his predecessor that he will take good care of the now withered sack.

“I’ll treat them like they’re my own,” Carter replied, tears now streaming down his face, “you have no idea what this means to me and my career. I’m so emotional… thank you so much, Daniel. I’ll keep them with me, always”.

Following a standing ovation from the ageing crowd, a brave Daniel O’Donnell waved his fans goodbye one last time, ushering them to now join Nathan for the rest of his singing days.

“Go now, my pretties,” O’Donnell ordered several female OAPs who had begun desperately clutching at his trousers in a bid for him to stay, “please, don’t make this harder than it already is,” he finished, before then dragging one hysterical woman off stage with his leg.