Complete Stranger Who Only Set Up Facebook Account Today Now Wants To Be Your Friend


A COMPLETE stranger from the opposite sex who literally just set up their Facebook account two minutes ago now wants to be your friend, despite not knowing you and living on the other side of the planet.

Gina Woo, who appears to be a lot younger than you and more attractive than most other females you’ve met, has absolutely no mutual friends with you, but has somehow managed to find your account among the two billion users currently using the social networking site.

“She obviously found your face very attractive and couldn’t help herself from requesting you as a friend,” your ego explains, “this is probably destiny and you will someday end up marrying this woman and make babies together. There is no way this could be an online scam of any kind. Accept her, now”.

Following a quick glance of her two uploaded profile pictures, you deny your initial observation that it may be somebody impersonating a stock photo model, favouring the fact that Gina Woo is head over heels in love with you and that flights to Singapore are cheap enough this time of year.

“Send her a picture of your dick,” your ego shouts, before then suggesting that a video of you moving your hips from side to side so that your penis makes a slapping noise, would indeed be better.

“I bet the reason why she has no other Facebook friends yet is because she’s sick of guys trying to chat her up the whole time, and she has probably spent years scrolling through profiles to find the right guy,” your ego then concluded.