‘Poolbeg Incinerator Is Up Its Own Hole’, Insists County Meath Incinerator


THE CONTROVERSIAL Poolbeg incinerator has come under fire again today after it was claimed the waste-to-energy plant was ‘up its own hole and doesn’t deserve the recognition it has been getting in the media’, WWN can reveal.

The lesser known Duleek incinerator in County Meath has lambasted its new Dublin rival in a late night rant last night, where it called the plant ‘a showoff’ and pointed out that it was just as good at doing the same job.

“I’ve been operating the last six years now and no one seems to care about me,” Duleek told WWN, letting a carbon monoxide fart leave its chimney, “I’m burning 200,000 tonnes of your shit every year and making 10-15 million euros profit from it, but there’s no one complaining about me, nor did anyone take pictures of my first load in 2011, which was fucking epic by the way.

“I’ve been treated differently because I’m a culchie incinerator, and it’s not right” it added, before continuing on to supply 20,000 homes electricity.

Yesterday, the first delivery of waste to Dublin’s Poolbeg incinerator took place in front of dozens of journalists, and is expected to start incinerating up to three times the amount of rubbish of its County Meath counterpart, and supplying enough electricity for 80,000 homes.

“Now I hear there’s going to be a new incinerator in Cork, which will probably be all over the news again” Duleek pointed out, referring to the Cork Harbour location pending an An Bord Pleanála approval, “the two of them can go feck off with themselves now with this celebrity shite… posh pricks”.