You’ve Been Pronouncing ‘I’m Doing Fine’ Wrong This Whole Time


RECENT news reaching WWN has revealed that many people are struggling with the correct pronunciation of ‘I’m doing fine’, this despite a growing awareness in Ireland about how linguistics work.

“What some people don’t realise I suppose is that when they move their mouths to pronounce ‘I’m doing fine’, and other people hear it, it can just sound a little off; the wrong syllables are stressed and something is amiss,” Rebecca Govan, of the Speaking Words Research Centre, explained to WWN.

Govan added that for many people ‘I’m doing fine’, ‘no, honestly I’m grand’ and other phrases when correctly pronounced and expressed, can actually sound closer to ‘I’m really unhappy’, ‘I think I need help’ or ‘I need someone to talk to, to listen to me’.

A remarkable reality is that many people, although well versed in words, remain unable to use them correctly in conversation. While there are no concrete numbers, it believed a great many people have struggled with the pronunciation of ‘I’m doing fine’ for many years, often in silence.

“A lot of people make the mistake of not moving their lips at all, it’s actually far easier to get those words out if you say them and share in conversation. With those nearest to you, or other people who will listen, trust me,” the expert added.

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