Worrying Number Of Child Refugees Growing Up To Be Adult Refugees


A NEW report has found that a worrying number of refugees under the age of 12 are continuing to grow, with a large majority of them reaching adulthood in only a matter of years.

A staggering 99.9% of refugee children who have been processed in European countries are currently aging at an alarming rate, raising fears as to who, or what they may turn out to be when they reach 18.

In one instance in the UK, an 11-year-old Syrian orphan had managed to reach puberty after being granted asylum only two years ago, despite him gaining entry as an innocent child with little or no concept of religious fundamentalism, yet.

“What if these children start forming their own opinions or belief systems?” one concerned Roscommon man told WWN, following news that 80 such refugees are to be homed in the area, “yes, we were told that half of these poor souls are children, but no one ever said anything about them growing up into adults – it’s false advertising and a lot of people in Ireland now feel cheated”.

Ireland has already agreed to take in 200 additional unaccompanied children from the now disbanded refugee camp at Calais, with the majority of them expected to mature in as little as ten years.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald was not available to comment on the matter.