Ewan McGregor Pulls Out Of Interview After Realising Piers Morgan Is A Cunt


ACTOR Ewan McGregor has taken the rare step of cancelling an interview while promoting his new movie Trainspotting 2, citing the fact Piers Morgan is a cunt as the reason.

The busy promotion schedule for the long awaited sequel was to involved McGregor guesting on ITV’s flagship morning show Good Morning Britain, but the actor cancelled when he was made aware of the fact Piers Morgan would be hosting.

“Aye, he’s a cunt,” McGregor is believed to have said, while also criticising Morgan’s comments about the worldwide Women’s March which were presumably uttered in an attempt to remain in the limelight by annoying and offending people.

McGregor becomes just the 23rd millionth person this year to observe Piers Morgan is an aberration who deserves little acknowledgement or interaction with humans. The public has largely praised McGregor for the snub and further praised him for not stooping so low as to point out Morgan’s face resembles a pancake which has been passed through the bowels of David Cameron only to be subsequently trodden on by a mud covered elephant.

Morgan is most famous for carrying out a series of reprehensible acts while editor of the Daily Mirror which legal experts claim would have resulted in imprisonment if the justice system in Britain carried out its function correctly. As editor of the paper he published fabricated photos claiming to show British soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners. The erroneously titled journalist was also the editor of the Mirror while it pursued an extensive campaign of phone hacking.

Morgan is also famous for people ignoring these facts because he subsequently went on to be a judge on a TV talent show they quite enjoy watching.