Obama Admits Administration’s Lasting Legacy Will Be Joe Biden Memes


AS the end of his 8 years in office draw to a close US President Barack Obama has been afforded some time to look back on his lasting legacy.

It is a legacy that is potentially tarnished by the failure of his party to have their chosen nominee elected as president, with Donald Trump named as his successor instead.

“8 years ago I told people that ‘yes we can’, I offered a message of hope and change and as I look around me, I can see that the people angry at Trump’s election have taken that message and decided instead to make Joe Biden memes,” a dejected looking Obama shared with reporters.

The Democrat admitted that the memes were amusing, however, he reserved the right to be utterly depressed knowing that this is what a staunch objection to sexism, racism, xenophobia, fiscal ineptitude and more sexism looks like these days.

“Fuck it, this is my administration’s lasting legacy isn’t it? Trump’s going to dismantle health care, end Planned Parenthood, push back on civil liberties more than I have done, but hey, at least people are standing up to him with amusing memes of old J-Dog,” Obama added, staring wistfully out the Oval Office window.

“If anyone one of you take a picture of me looking forlorn while staring out this window and try to turn it into a fucking meme, you know I’m gonna have you assassinated, right?” a listless Obama shared with the journalists in attendance.

Obama reiterated his belief that the indefatigable spirit of the American people’s love of memes will never be crushed, no matter what 4 years of Donald Trump does to the country.