Waterford County Council Mends Giant Pothole In Just 12 Years


A BUSY Waterford road has been made safe again just 12 years after the appearance of a giant pothole on the old Tramore road.

Dozens of county council workers moved fast to fill in the hole, which has taken the lives of countless wheels and bicycle tires since its formation.

“We began working on the pothole in 2004,” council road maintenance technician Mossey Power told WWN, “We’ve topped it up hundreds of times, but today we finally filled it in properly and tarmacadamed the stretch of road after watching a YouTube video on how to fix potholes”.

The pothole, which had a diameter of 4 feet and a peak depth of 30 inches, was almost recognisable today at a small ceremony to mark the completion of the road defect.

“This will go down in the country’s history as one of the quickest road fixes of the past 50 years,” Cllr. Adam Wyse told an emotional crowd of council workers, who were all leaning on shovels, “It took over 234 men, twelve years to fill in this hole to finally make it safe again. It’s an amazing feat of engineering”.

The councillor then unveiled a plaque bearing the names of all the workers who contributed to filling in the hole over the years.

“I’ll be honest, I’m going to miss this old pothole,” veteran council worker Paul Woods explained, pouring tea from a flask onto where the hole used to be, “Normally we’d head out here on a Friday afternoon to fill it in and pass a few hours. Now we’ll have to find a new hole to work on. Sometimes, progress can be hard to deal with, but sure isn’t that life?”

Council officials are now faced with the task of picking their next big project from the thousands of potential potholes scattered across the county roads.