Government Mark 4th Anniversary Of Savita Halappanavar’s Death With Shrug Of The Shoulders


THE FOURTH anniversary of the death of Savita Halappanavar was marked by the government this year in an understated ceremony in Dublin Castle, WWN can confirm.

Mrs. Halappanavar’s passing on the 28th of October 2012 due to complications arising from a septic miscarriage shocked the Nation, caused an international outcry and prompted an outpouring of grief and a strident belief that Ireland needed to act to protect and safeguard women if they required an abortion rather than telling them ‘this is a Catholic country’.

Remarking on the amazing progress that has been made in medical practice and human rights in Ireland in the years since the tragic death of the 31-year-old, the government shrugged its shoulders, presumably in an effort to convey to the public that ‘well, you know, these things happen’.

“Time does fly, we’d almost forgotten, shame you lot can’t do the same” the government confirmed, alluding to the fact the Irish public is no hurry to forget what happened.

Convening in a large reception room in Dublin Castle, members of the cabinet acknowledged the fact that two senior midwifery experts hired to examine and implement improvements in maternity services in the west in the wake of Mrs. Halappanavar’s death had resigned, with their resignations linked to the frustration at the slow pace of reform in the services.

“Hmm, eh, yeah, well…” a spokesperson for the government revealed before trailing off while scanning the room for the nearest exit.

The government posed awkwardly for a photo and were encouraged to shrug their shoulders in order to reinforce official government policy on women’s rights.

“The shrugging would have been more pronounced,” admitted one minister, “but it can’t be said we haven’t acted on this, 4 years later and we’ve a system that is so dysfunctional people hired to reform it resign as they are stonewalled and then we at cabinet level have committed to maybe, possibly doing something in a few years if the Citizens Assembly return a verdict we obviously don’t want”.