Why Aren’t You Wearing A REPEAL Jumper, You Fascist?


RECENT research has revealed that when it comes to the abortion debate currently dividing the country, there are two sides; you’re either pro-choice, or you’re a jackboot wearing, bible-thumping woman hater. Not only that, but if you should find yourself siding with the pro-choice side, then it is imperative that you purchase a REPEAL jersey and wear it at all times… otherwise, you’re worse than Ronan Mullen and Breda O’Brien combined.

“You cannot support the pro-choice movement without wearing the REPEAL jumper at all times”, confirmed someone on Twitter.

“No jumper? You’re just another fascist who wants to strip women of their rights. You’re as bad as the people who stand outside the pro-choice offices with pictures of aborted foetuses”.

With absolutely no capacity to be a ‘moderate’ in the abortion debate, anyone who has even the slightest leaning towards the pro-choice movement is advised to purchase a REPEAL jumper and sew it onto their skin, as well as share a photograph of themselves wearing it on social media on the hour, every hour.

“Ireland has had enough of the Catholic church”, said one pro-choice supporter, wearing two REPEAL jumpers just to be on the safe side.

“It’s time to put an end to people dressed in black, ramming their opinion down our throats”.